Classic Timepieces For the Modern Man.

 What is it that we all work for at the end of the day? The ‘right’ answer is essentials and necessities. But the real answer? We just want to reward ourselves, and there’s no shame in that. 

 For the first time ever, hard working men don’t need to work hard just to look good and feel good. John B. was founded with the goal of bringing luxury timepieces into anyone’s reach.These days, men have two options; burn a hole in their wallet in exchange for a top of the line timepiece, or burn a hole in their confidence by wearing a piece that looks… subpar at best. But not today. 

 By partnering directly with a trusted manufacturer, we’re able to ensure our designs hit assembly and reach your door without passing through any middlemen. Focus on finding the piece that suits you and we’ll do the rest. 

Quality Construction Meets Creative Design.

 Working directly with manufacturers gives our team full creative freedom to tailor our designs to best fit the modern man.

  Our designs are patterned after some of the most desirable pieces in history, while still staying true to our individuality as a brand - we offer timepieces that are both familiar and unique.We ensure all watches are manufactured in small batches of 50 a piece to ensure we’re able to keep a close eye on quality control from start to finish. 

 All the features you’d expect from the best are here at John B. including scratch-proof sapphire glass, exposed skeletons, water resistance, and smooth, self-wound mechanical movements.

 So what are you still waiting for? Find the timepiece you deserve at a price you’re willing to pay. Look and feel your best on your own terms.

Be bold. Be stylish. Be classic | John B.